Fine Art Photographic Prints by A. Park

A. Park does all of it from a to z, shooting to developing to printing. A. Park is thrilled every time the work comes out of the ginormous printer. It is the feeling of the best first date, the feeling of giving your last dollar to the homeless on the street, it is the feeling of those cliche butterflies everyone talks about. Each image has been invested with

  • time

  • traveling

  • developing film

  • scanning film

  • selecting images

  • adjusting color tone

  • manually painting contrast on photoshop

  • printing

  • cutting the prints

  • ironing the prints

to produce the utmost quality of 35mm film and the digital world of Chasing the MM.

All original Chasing the MM prints are printed on

Hahnemühle William Turner Fine Art Paper.

They're printing!! :D

They're printing!! :D


Original artwork photographed, developed, scanned, edited,

personally printed and signed

by A. Park

Some popular sizes

11 x 14 - $150

11 x 14 framed - $250

16 x 20 - $225 on sale / orig. $275

16x20 framed - $475

24 x 36 - $1250

24 x 36 framed - $1500 on sale / orig. $1650

shipping in US included in price

additional charges apply for orders outside of US

For additional sized please visit the shop. Purchase Chasing The MM