First CTMM Show and we're flyin' solo

Last week. Something magical happened. I had my first solo show. I’ve had a group show at Samy’s Camera in Santa Barbara during college, but I’ve never had a solo show. Since heading back to film, doors have been opening in places I never really imagined. I am excited for the future and the vision. I’m ecstatic to share new work and I’m eager to continue this path. The show was at Team One Agency, a sister agency of Saatchi and Saatchi and an advertising agency located in Los Angeles, California.

It was quite an amazing turn out. I want to thank everyone for taking the time out of work, out of their day to come see the show. What really got to me was the whole process. And as I write this I feel my eyes watering. It is an amazing blessing I am gifted with this talent and I am honored to to be able to show the world. My childhood friend Nicole works at Team One and she mentioned they have a new gallery every couple months and they do an opening night with wine and food and everything. She’s been watching me develop my work and told me to tell her when I was ready. After Colorado, I said “Annabel we CANNOT sulk your work to the ground. Regardless what you feel whether you think you’re ready or not it doesn’t matter this is the retirement plan it’s a forever process, so go and shine the light God gifted you!” And I knew I was ready to introduce Chasing the MM to the world after Colorado. Nicole sent an email out to the creatives that handle the gallery. They were just as ecstatic as I am every time I scan a new roll of film. 

I am truly thankful to be in this moment with photography. There were times I despised it and I hated it and I didn’t understand why I decided to go in this path and now it’s clearer every day. I ask all of you creatives from any field to always look and fight for the bliss and always find the simple joy your craft gives you and follow it heavily! When I was printing these images, it was the first time using a huge roll paper and it was the first time printing these images big. I was trying to control my eyes and not look like a crazy person sobbing at the lab. Seeing the prints huge, my heart opened to the next opportunities to come and excited for the new photographs I will share. I am so happy to be in this moment and to experience that bliss every other moment is a tremendous blessing. Thank you friends and family and thank you God for planting this gift in me. I am just a vessel of yours. Take it to the next level, I’m ready! 

I am currently trying to process everything in words of how “The gift” is a gift. Stay tuned, you can either subscribe to get emails whenever I write a blog post, or follow me on instagram @a_____park and follow the hashtag #chasingthemm.

Featured Cities -

New York USA | Colorado USA | California USA | Arizona USA | Copenhagen DENMARK | Barcelona SPAIN | Havana CUBA

Photography by Elaine Lee Photography Now here is a fun fact. Elaine is my friends mom, who worked as a producer at a commercial photo studio in Los Angeles. I started shooting photography in 10th grade and I asked Elaine, what she thought of my photographs. She said I had talent! It’s been a world wind, but I would never take it back for anything. Thank you Elaine for clarity in this path! You are an angel that helped guide the path. BTW the video below is also by her son, the brother of my high school friend, Elisha. Elisha and Cliff and Elaine are all photographers! How cool. They are literally the coolest family, a family of photographers!

Film by Cliff William Fong

Images coming soon - Copenhagen, Denmark - Christmas 2018